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Therianthropy How-to?

Posted by cynanthropos on March 26, 2007

Here is a nice ebook on shifting and therianthropy written by Lupa. Good for any therian who chooses to take a more magical approach to their therianthropy. A good substitute for the ‘Therian Bible’ bullshit that seems to be circulating around, though in the end the best ‘how-to’ for this sort of thing is oneself. That said, still well worth the read, and should prove to be a useful tool for those still seeking to locate their tails with both hands (paws?).

I myself take multiple views on my therianthropy at once. I’m even holding to a lesser extent a genetic theory, as my father exhibited (and still does) strong therianthropic (or shall I say, cynanthropic) leanings. I had not known this until well into my ‘awakening’ as it where–one of many bombshells dropped by my mother who herself has strange bursts of behavior I can only describe with a ‘what the fuck..?’

I should have something more worthwhile to note here, but I don’t. I suppose that will come later.


4 Responses to “Therianthropy How-to?”

  1. Have you even read the Therian Bible?
    Seeing as you call say its bullshit that seems to be circulating around.
    You should point out what chapters you think contain bullshit?

    Have you even read the shifting & therianthropy book youre “promoting”–in it they use the Therian Bible in their bibliography as a they obviously didnt think it was “bullshit” or they woudlnt refer to it in their book

    I’m so tired of seeing ppl talk shit about things they obviously havent even looked into.

  2. lupabitch said

    Have you even read the shifting & therianthropy book youre “promoting”–in it they use the Therian Bible in their bibliography as a they obviously didnt think it was “bullshit” or they woudlnt refer to it in their book

    Just because an author references a source doesn’t mean that s/he thinks it’s a good source. Authors critique sources in all genres; it’s not meant personally, but disagreements happen in every field. I brought up the Therian Bible and the classic pace-around-a-tree werewolf ritual (via Wiki) as examples of rituals that supposedly either create a werecreature or (in the case of the Therian Bible) make one more connected to their therioside–without actually explaining how the rituals work or why. At least LaVey added some explanations to his lycanthropy material, though I don’t believe that what he was describing was therianthropy, at least not as it’s understood today.

    IMO/IME, if you’re going to offer rituals to people, it’s vital to also explain how they work, and why. Magicians aren’t cookies, and rituals aren’t cookie cutters. Basic rituals and spells serve to teach a neophyte how magic works, but beyond that it’s up to the individual to take the principles s/he has learned and apply them creatively. I designed Shifting, Shamanism and Therianthropy to give the mechanics behind a couple of sample ritual formats. That way the reader could take the ideas therein and customize them for hir own practice–and understand how and why they worked. Prefabricated rituals, IMO, aren’t sufficient without solid theory to introduce them and practical anecdotes to back them up.

  3. Daven said

    Hmmm, I would guess that she used the Therian Bible as a reference because it’s an example of how bad it is. Since Lupa is a scholar, she cites her sources, even bad ones. In stark contrast the “author” of the Therian Bible who cites NO sources at all. A source citation is not the same as recommending it for reading.

    Since I am a furry, a therian and I am a carnivore (can’t stand vegetables at all) nothing in that “bible” applies to me, and I have read it. Being told that I’m not a “true” therian because I eat meat LIKE 20% OF THE ANIMALS OUT THERE, you know, the carnivores, is an insult and very offensive. It’s also an argument fallacy called the “no true Scotsman” fallacy.

    Yes, I have been spreading a copy of the “bible” around. Know what? It’s trash. No one should have to pay $15 or more for a book that when printed wouldn’t be $1 for printer supplies.

  4. lupabitch said

    In stark contrast the “author” of the Therian Bible who cites NO sources at all.

    In Noctis’ defense, the material is largely her own creation, though it might be nice to know some of her inspirations, as well as further recommended reading on therianthropy and magic that supports her material. However, the omission is no different than that in any of a number of modern magical texts (not that the trend is excusable).

    A lot of this stems from the anti-academic backlash in earlier New Age and esoteric texts; people got sick of having to slog through dry theory, and I’ve seen at least one argument that spiritual texts don’t need sources. However, in the past few years the pendulum has started swinging back towards better research, especially after such foibles of the 1990s as the Irish Potato Cult.

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